BCA Standing Committees

Economic Development Committee

To promote growth in northeast Indiana through financial and lobbying support to area economic development organizations and to help members be apprised on issues of importance.

  • Chairman - Tim Ehlerding, Fetters Construction
  • Vice-Chairman - Rick Lehman, Keystone Concrete, Inc.
  • Andy Brooks, Brooks Construction Co., Inc.
  • John Hoffman, Star Excavating
  • Kevin Lemler, Irving Materials, Inc.
  • Jacquie Mann, Innovative Engineering Services, Inc.
  • Tom Nowak, Katz, Sapper & Miller
  • Janet Roe, One Eleven Design
  • Sam Schenkel, Lassus Bros. Oil, Inc.
  • Aimee Shimasaki, MartinRiley Architects/Engineers
  • Rob Slusser, Centier Bank
  • Christopher Wesner, Shambaugh & Son, LP
  • Jared Widenhoefer, Mosaic Building Solutions LLC
  • Rob Young, Hagerman
  • Steve Zacher, The Zacher Company

Government Affairs Committee

To monitor legislation affecting construction and develop closer relationships with local elected officials.

  • Chairman - John W. Brogan, BZW Master Painters, Inc.
  • Bill Fishering, Beers Mallers Backs & Salin, LLP
  • Bill Meyer, Shambaugh & Son, L.P.
  • Cindy Riebersal, Brooks Construction Co., Inc.
  • Mark Warsco, Rothberg Logan & Warsco LLP

Membership Committee

To seek and retain quality members and involve members in BCA activities.

  • Chairman - Greg Lynch, Almet, Inc.
  • Vice-Chairman - Melissa Jaegle, Master Consultants LP
  • Board Liaison - Gary Voirol, MSKTD & Associates
  • Ambassador - Tom Fisher, Stoops Freightliner
  • Ambassador - Kelly Geller, Hagerman
  • Ambassador - Nick Shah, Impex International Inc.
  • Ambassador - Cecile Weir, 1st Source Bank
  • Tim Badgley, Sunrise Energy Systems, Inc.
  • Brandon Bushee, Brooks Construction Co., Inc.
  • Andy Hyndman, ONI Risk Partners
  • Devon Kirk, Robert Crosby, Inc.
  • Tad Marsh, Zumbrun Construction
  • Joe Mikolay III, Aerotek
  • David Michael, Michael Kinder & Sons, Inc.
  • Seth Sailors, Katz, Sapper & Miller
  • Teresa Schomburg, First Federal Bank
  • Mick Stewart, ISU Stewart, Brimner, Peters & Company

Program Committee

Plans and implements BCA membership meetings, events and awards programs. Helps members build their social capital (networking).

  • Chairman - Jeff Harding, Haller & Colvin, P.C.
  • Vice-Chairman - John Hawkins, H & H Sales Co.
  • Board Liaison - Phil Miller, C.M.S. Roofing
  • Todd Adams, Elevatus Architecture
  • Samantha Bercot, Crowe LLP
  • Danielle Burns, RJE Business Interiors
  • Matt Gerbers, Shambaugh & Son, L.P.
  • Brian Gerig, Irving Materials, Inc.
  • Corey McSweeney, Katz, Sapper & Miller
  • Zech Oberlin, CME Design Builder
  • Kara Smith, Baden, Gage & Schroeder, LLC
  • Kelli Warner, Design Collaborative

Safety Committee

To identify members' needs for executive safety and OSHA compliance functions and offer programs to meet those needs such as bi-monthly Construction Safety Forums and other education /training opportunities.

  • Chairman - Sheryl Wiser, Fox Contractors Corp.
  • Vice-Chairman - Carl Swalls, Fetters Construction Inc.
  • Board Liaison - Mike Schenkel, Schenkel Construction, Inc.
  • Scott Eder, Wagner-Meinert, LLC
  • Matt Herndon, Weigand Construction Co., Inc.
  • Jon Jones, Summit City Steel Erection LLC
  • Tom O'Connor, Shambaugh & Son, L.P.
  • Monty Richmond, Brooks Construction Co., Inc.
  • Jordan Scheiber, Gibson Insurance
  • Rachel Skinner, Crosby Excavating
  • Tom Smith, CME Corporation
  • Joe Strack, Don R. Fruchey, Inc.
  • David Theye, Briner Building, Inc.
  • Thomas White, Hagerman
  • Jason Zimmerman, Shambaugh & Son, L.P.

Workforce Development and Education Committee

To provide practical learning opportunities based on the needs of the membership that foster individuals' career growth and members' organizational development and to raise awareness of construction industry career opportunities in northeast Indiana.

  • Chairman - Zach Kessie, Michael Kinder & Sons
  • Vice-Chairman - 
  • Board Liaison - Larry Weigand, Weigand Construction
  • Carly Buchanan, Brooks Construction Co., Inc.
  • Austin Dettmer, Aerotek
  • Julie Ebert, Sunbelt Rentals
  • Mark Englert, Mill Supplies, Inc.
  • Brad Ewart, PE, SME
  • Gordon Fisher, Old National Insurance
  • Tim Hamilton, PFW
  • Dan Gustafson, LeMaster Steel Erectors
  • Parry Leavell, STAR Financial Group
  • Bill Meyer, Shambaugh & Son, L.P.
  • Eric Pedersen, Fetters Construction
  • Monty Richmond, Brooks Construction
  • Craig Scherschel, Needham DBS
  • Karen Stahl, Moake Park Group, Inc.
  • Theresa Steele, Steele Business Coaching
  • Ryan Voorhees, Ivy Tech Community College Northeast

Young Professionals Committee

To foster growth in BCA members' younger employees by providing education and networking opportunities to expedite their advancement in their careers and into positions of leadership within their organizations and in the Association.

  • Chairman - Tom Werling, The Hagerman Group
  • Vice-Chairman - Austin Papenbrock, The Garland Company
  • Nicholle Albert - Crowe LLP
  • Nick Alwine, Fetters Construction
  • Jamie Bates, Patriot Engineering and Environmental, Inc.
  • Carly Buchanan, Brooks Construction Co., Inc.
  • Brian Clifford, Faeger Baker Daniels LLP
  • Brad Ewart II, PE, SME
  • Erica Friend, Allen Business Machines
  • Lea Gamble, Hamilton Hunter Builders, Inc.
  • John Short, PE, Structural Engineering Services, LLC
  • Mick Stewart, ISU Stewart, Brimner, Peters & Company
  • Curtis Tomlinson, Katz, Sapper & Miller
  • Sean Weigand, The DeHayes Group